Simple Life Hacks To Increase Metabolism Level

Metabolism helps to keep chemical reaction to be functioning and alive. It is the term to perform all chemical reaction on the body.  Rates calorie burns affect to lose or gain weight faster. 

The metabolic rate is ensured by age, gender, genetics and body size. A low rate of metabolism occurs if you eat unhealthy foods.

Having high metabolism help you to feel better and gives more energy to do any work. With a simple process, one can increase metabolism easily. It is considered according to burn a number of calories. It keeps your mind thinking, legs churning and heat beating on the workout. There also some all natural metabolism booster supplements available today that are quite effective to speed up the metabolism process.

Ways to enhance metabolism:

These tips assist to burn more calories at the short time without any health issues.  Moreover, it also helps you to lose or gain weight.  If you are looking to boost the level of metabolism just follow trips. It is good tips to improve metabolism naturally.

  • Eat more protein related foods on meal
  • Drink lots of cold water
  • Keep stress level to be low                                          
  • Better sleep at night
  • Intake spicy foods
  • Include coconut oil on foods

If you follow these tricks regularly you might acquire good health and energy all day.

Natural Mood Balancing Herbs

Lately I have been feeling like my mood is more on the gloomy side than the sunny side.  I went to my annual physical appointment and told my doctor I was feeling somewhat depressed and she asked me if I wanted to take some medication for my mood.   Being in the wellness industry taking medications is usually a last resort to any problems I may be facing and I decided to do a little research and see if there were some supplements I could take to help balance out my mood. 

There are 3 herbs which I found were best for mood balancing; chamomile, kava and valerian root.  The first one I tried was chamomile and usually drank it as a tea.  It can help to relax the body and can also help other irritants like digestive issues.  It won’t make you sleepy but it will help to relax the body and mind before bed.  You can also use chamomile in your bathwater to help with relaxation.  Kava works through the nervous system to help promote relaxation, lessen anxiety and even help with pain.  Kava can be seen as a form of a muscle relaxer with giving you side effects of brain fog or lack of mental clarity.  It can also help to improve sleep after taken for a month or two; however you don’t want to drink kava and drive!  Valerian root is a tonic type herb that is really mood balancing because it calms the nervous system when we are stressed and have anxiety.  It can also act as a stimulant if we are feeling low or extremely fatigued.  However this herb can help with insomnia because of its calming affects on the nervous system.  

After reading about mood enhancing herbs I decided I would speak with a profession nutritionist like San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. Henry Wong who advised me to give herbs a try.  However remember many things in life affect our mood including, sugar, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, relationships, life stages (adolescence for example) and expectations.  Remember just like everything in life you have to make time for relaxation and resetting.  It is just as important as making time for exercise or eating healthy.  Many San Diego Chiropractors like Dr. Henry Wong understand the importance of incorporating many different methods of wellness to achive higher levels of overall health.