Where To Distribute Your Coupons

The type of business you operate determines the way to distribute your coupons. Some of the ways to distribute coupons include online, through email, social media, sending a postcard and newspapers or magazines. There are many ways to spread coupons online through sites such as coupons.com and retailMenot. RetailMenot website allows you to post your coupons for free.Coupons.com is best suited for the brick and motor business as it offers 10% off orders $75+ when you pay visa card. Through these, you can get customers who are looking for local deals.

Emails are used for offering loyalty coupons. Email coupons gives you a chance to to send custom-made offers which are based on what other purchases the customer has made in the past. Email based coupons allow for privacy. They cannot be exposed to the public since they are sent to a specific person’s inbox.

Social media is another place to distribute coupons. Use the social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter to offer your followers and friends special discounts on various items. The social media coupons can be shared worldwide as it is easy to pass and share information from one friend to another. An example of an offer for the social media coupons is bring in three friends and get a 15% off for each friend.

Print coupons have been used for a very long time now since the 18th century. The online or digital coupons may be easy to use but the printable coupons remain popular. Most of the consumers look for print coupons in their magazines.