Herbal Plants That Are Indigenous To Thailand

Thailand is a state filled with greenery. The island enjoys a tropical climate and as a result is a haven for plants to grow. Herbal plants have long been used in Thailand as a source of healing and spiritual practices. Let us take a look at a few herbal plants indigenous to Thailand.

Courtesy-Ethno Herbalist


Taro is a root found in the tropical forests of Thailand. Although the stems and leaves are also edible the root is the main source of nutrition that’s in the plant. After it's been cooked it is a brilliant source of calcium and vitamin B.

Fishtail Palm

Found in southern Thailand the fishtail palm offers a sweet core enriched with starch. However, there is one problem that is encountered in the extraction of the plant. The whole tree has to go to extract the plant although in survival situations this is a great option.

Torch Ginger

Apart from the striking appearance and vibrant colors, the pink flower is a rich source of carbohydrate with something close to 5 grams of carbohydrate for every 100 grams. In laymen terms that’s a lot of carbs! We recommend this for people looking to get ripped.


This is a plant that’s commonly found on the forest floor. The taste is very minty and has a hint of spice in it. It is commonly used in cooking and several cooking thai app are delivering the product to your doorstep.

Try these Thai herbs and let out all your stress. You won't regret it.

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