Tasks And Responsibilities Of A Carpenter

Construction and building of structures is not an easy task. There involves intensive planning of efforts and tasks to be carried out, budgets to be formulated, deadlines and much more. This involves expertise, experience and technical knowledge on the part of the builder. Prominent Builders Sydney take proper health and safety measures due to physical threats involved. One of the important task to be planned is carpentry. Some builders employ their own carpenters while others undertake individual carpentry projects. Carpentry involves basically cutting, shaping and moulding building material, particularly wood such as doors, windows and furniture.

Types of Carpentry tasks

  • Cabinetmaking: Cabinetmaking is the creation of custom designs for cabinets. Shelves and other structures for residential and commercial buildings. It involves careful designing and measurement of closet or cabinet proposed to be made, then cutting and shaping task to mould wood into the desired form, and making it into cabinets or wardrobes.

  • Rough and Finish Carpentry: Rough carpentry normally deals with unfinished wood and material, involves works outside. A rough carpenter does the initial operations that include turning unfinished wood into moulds, window and door frames, building scaffolds etc. Finish carpentry includes all the task that deal with fit and finish of wooden items. It includes taking measurements of panels, frames etc. and installation and fitting of cabinets, doors and windows.

  • Ancillary Tasks: There are some other tasks that involve carpentry such as creating sets for theatres, wood toys, etc.

Responsibilities of a Carpenter

Carpentry work involves various threats associated with the profession. There are some duties carpenters sydney  must adhere to, such as:

  • Ensure well being of workers.

  • Use of safety equipment such as gloves, face guard, good quality tools etc.

  • Awareness of health and safety standards such as working near wirelines.

  • Maintaining records including job cards, document actions and cost estimates for clients.

  • Accountability for the quality of finished good.

  • Periodical checking of quality of product and elimination of threats involved in dealing with them.