Side Effects of Handheld Games

What will be in your mind when someone says that the wwe 2k18 for mac should not be played for more than 2-3 hours a day? I am pretty sure that you will be very much disappointed to know that this may result in several issues. This is not the case with this game only but also with all the handheld games that you love to play. Limited usage of them will not cause any problems. But the issue arises when you get addicted to them and plays it continuously for long hours. As the handheld games are been played by people of all age groups this is applicable from children to old people whoever plays this game.

If we talk about the times before 20 years, children used to play with their friends in the playgrounds. Old people and teenagers also loved to spend their times with their friends and dear ones. But after the arrival of the handheld games, the situation is completely changed. Some people got so addicted to these games that they want to play these games whenever they get free time. This eliminated the time available for them to spend with the friends and family. Because of this, the bonding between the people is found to be reduced to a great extent. The level of aggression is also seen to be high in people who play the fighting games on the handheld devices for long hours.

Continuous gameplay may even result in poor performance of the people in schools and offices as well. This is because they are highly concentrated on the games they play and always thinks about them. This resulted in a reduced level of interest by them on their works and studies.